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Life Indoors, Fresh and Green

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Winters can be long and dark and occasionally a real downer if it is cold and devoid of Chinooks and outdoor activities are limited.  Growing something green and preferably edible can really help alleviate the winter blues.  Herbs such as chives, parsley, rosemary, basil, bay and mint are all easy to grow with a well- lit window or with some additional lighting, some small pots, good soil, and a little plant food.  Culinary herbs will make your kitchen smell fantastic and also make you feel like a gourmet chef as you whip up some fresh basil pesto, cut a sprig of rosemary to garnish your latest bourbon cocktail or add some fragrant mint to your lamb tagine.

Microgreens are also very easy to grow with a tray and light system that can range from very inexpensive to top of the line Urban Cultivators that monitor all your water and light requirements with a built-in computer system.   These greens are harvested young when they are supercharged with nutrients, vitamins and flavour and can be used on salads, in sandwiches, in green smoothies and juices or just nibbled on as healthy snacks.

Turn your winter blues to green this year and get growing indoors!

– Dani Smythe, Owner – CROP



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