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Best My Nest is a free CIR REALTY program specifically designed to enhance your homeownership experience.

Through partnerships with local businesses, CIR REALTY has put together a vast network of vendors (over 100+) who offer special discounts on everything you could possibly need to design or maintain your home. Each month, our program also hosts practical, fun and educational events (put on by our vendors and free to you) that will teach you how to ‘Do It Yourself” in your own home.

Check out all of our partner companies here!


If you are working with, or know a CIR REALTOR and have not yet been signed up to the program, contact them and ask them to sign you up. It’s that easy!

If you are not working with, or do not know a CIR REALTOR but would like to become part of the program to receive special discounts from our Partner Vendors, as well as access to exclusive fun homeownership seminars and workshops, we would be happy to introduce you to a CIR REALTOR that can sign you up.


Thanks for submitting! A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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