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It’s Fall, Tidy Up Your Yard!

Fall, with its crispy morning air that makes us wear our comfy sweater, also brings us a kaleidoscope of colours, harvests, pumpkin foods and drinks and yes…unfortunately, yard clean-up. Why bother when fallen leaves are a natural mulch? True, however, leaving them on your grass could potentially be more harmful than not. Read on.

  • Leaves that fall and settle in your yard attract pests to settle in for the winter, especially in flower beds. They can also kill your lawn over the winter if you don’t rake them. To use leaves as mulch, you must shred them first.

  • Give your lawn one more mow before winter sets in. Shorter grass survives the cold better.

  • Remove old/dried up vegetable plants, as well as debris from your gardens and keep your soil healthy with a layer of compost.

  • Prune your trees and shrubs to avoid winter breakage of branches from the weight of the snow.

  • Clear out your gutters of leaves and debris using a garden trowel or a leaf blower then wash them off with a hose.

  • Make sure to drain all water out of garden hoses and water lines and remember to turn off your outdoor water valve to avoid freezing and bursting pipes.

  • Aerate the soil to ensure nutrients reach the grass/perennial roots in the winter and to help prevent water from pooling in your yard.

  • Feed your lawn with a phosphorous rich fertilizer to help it sustain itself during the winter and re-emerge healthy in the spring.

  • Power-wash your deck to avoid mold and seal it with weatherproofing stain to prevent moisture damage.

Now that your yard is cold-proofed and looks pristine, grab a glass of your favourite beverage to keep you happy and warm from the evening Fall chill.

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