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Deer Proofing

Deer will eat practically anything in your garden!

Once you accept that, you realize that there is no point in planting tulips where deer can reach them – they think of them as dessert, planted especially for them. Junipers and cedars are a winter delicacy because they need the moisture and nutrients during a time when healthy food is scarce. Here are some ideas to repel them:

  1. scatter soap chips around bulbs and flowers, or tie in onion bags or the toes of nylon stockings to trees and shrubs at deer nose height, or tie to the tops of stakes in a vegetable garden. Deer don’t like the smell of soap, so use smelly stuff.

  2. add a decorative top layer to a fence they can’t jump, tilting outward

  3. deer repellant liquids that taste terrible to deer can be painted or sprayed on tree trunks. Some can be sprayed on plants as well read labels carefully. They must be repeated periodically and after rain.

  4. urine of predator animals can be effective, will need to replaced periodically and after rain.

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