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What are the Benefits of Annual Fireplace Maintenance?

When people purchase a home, whether new or well-aged, often minimal attention is paid to their fireplace(s). Annually scheduled maintenance is both a safety recommendation and an aesthetic factor in how you want to present your home. When fireplaces are not regularly cleaned and checked, this can lead to a host of problems, and add unnecessary costs that could possibly have been avoided. In order to function correctly, safely and efficiently, fireplace inspections and cleanings should be done annually. This can confirm that your unit remains safe to operate, and it will be less likely to quit when you need it most (such as on cold/cool/ damp days).

Regular checks will ensure your fireplace is operating at its optimum efficiency, reducing any creosote deposits, and allowing your unit to burn cleanly and safely. As well, if anything living has nested in your chimney/ termination, such as birds, rodents, or insects, these can be identified, and the issue addressed. Pests can clog air flow, preventing toxic fumes from expelling safely, which can lead to carbon monoxide build up. Gas leaks are not easily detected, which can lead to health and safety concerns as well. If your fireplace is wood burning, clogged chimneys, or those with a build up of creosote can cause both health and fire safety risks. Air quality can also be impacted.

A good gas fireplace maintenance should include the following:

  • Multi-point diagnostic checklist

  • Seals are checked to ensure no gas or co leaks

  • Vent and ignition system checks

  • Treatment and cleaning for creosote, soot, stains and foggy glass

  • Log/ stone cleaning and adjustment/ placement

  • Fan inspection and cleaning (if applicable)

  • Adjustment of settings for proper combustion ratio

  • Rust check, and respray of firebox interior

  • Replacement of burning embers (if used)

  • Test burn after service or repairs are performed

  • The following should be included for wood burning units:

  • Chimney sweep

  • Clean and inspect firebox for safety and code compliance

  • Treatment and cleaning of glass (if applicable)

  • Log lighter cleaning and inspection (if applicable)

  • Visual inspection of chimney

  • WETT inspection, if required, (has additional cost)

If it’s been a while since your fireplace has been cleaned/ checked, or if you suspect that it may be unsafe or performing inefficiently, save your peace of mind and call for an inspection or service.

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