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Tips To Clean And Uphold Your Carpet

In the last 10 years of carpet and upholstery cleaning, I’ve seen just about everything possible used to try and clean carpets and upholstery.  Sometimes it works, more often than not it simply increases the stain or mess and in some cases does permanent damage.

Your carpets are a major investment in your home and looking after them will save you money and frustration. Below are a few of the things I like to tell our clients to hopefully save them time and money.  In many cases the homeowner can take care of the issue and doesn’t need to call us, or I tell them to call us and if we can help them over the phone we will.

  1. Vacuum: It is recommended you vacuum twice a week as a minimum, if you have kids and or pets you might want to do it 3 times a week. If you want to see less of us simply vacuum, it’s the best way to maintain your carpets. Regardless of the type of vacuum you use, make sure it’s clean and operating properly, it can't do its job if it’s plugged or the bag is full.

  2. Simpler the Better: If you have an accident and need to clean it up, use plain water or if you need a little more cleaning power put a few drops of dish soap in the water. Make sure the dish soap is clear or white as the color from your soap can leach into your carpets or upholstery and re-dye the fibers. Do not scrub the area using a traditional brush. This will potentially scar the carpet or upholstery and may look worse than the stain. Instead use a soft rubber brush, the rubber is less aggressive and won’t damage the fibers the same as a hard brush. Use a cotton cloth for its absorbing power to sponge out the offending matter. Do Not over saturate the area,. You don’t want to take a small mark and turn it into a major stain. It’s better to take longer and remove it slowly than to over-saturate it and have the offending matter penetrate deeper into the fibers or double in size.

  3. Cleaning products: Do Not use kitchen or bathroom cleaners as they will potentially damage or bleach the color out of the carpet or upholstery. 

  4. Stain removal:  When you are attempting to remove a stain, It is recommended that you try a very small area and confirm your method is going to work.  If it does you should be safe to proceed if it doesn’t, stop and reassess the process.  Never scrub if at all possible, simply blot out the stain or offending matter.


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