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The Top Nine Feature Wall Locations: Because plain walls are so last season!

Welcome, interior design enthusiasts and wall aficionados! Today, we embark on a quest to uncover the untapped potential of your living space by discovering the absolute best locations for feature walls. Buckle up as we unveil the Top Nine feature wall locations and turn your mundane walls into masterpieces!

1. The Entryway: First Stop in Wow-Town

Choo-choo! It’s the first stop upon entering a home – the entryway. We all know first impressions count and your entryway can set the tone for the entire house. So, why not make it extra memorable with something unexpected. Think “wow” or “oh la la”! Welcome your guests with a pop of colour – something bold and vivacious that will bring some new life to a small yet mighty space. Consider using new paint colours to accent a wall – add a mirror, some art and voila! You’ve got an entry that will set the stage for what’s to come.

2. The Living Room: TV vs. Feature Wall Showdown

Tired of your TV stealing the spotlight? Create a feature wall that outshines even the most dramatic reality TV show. Colour can set the tone for a space and this space especially. If you’re into nail-biting dramas, opt for something darker and moodier to add to the tension in the air. Or, if you’re more of a romantic comedy guru, try something playful and light. Half or 3/4 painted walls can add some drama or fun to the space and draw some attention away from the mysterious black box we’re all too familiar with. You’ll know when you’ve successfully mastered the art of the living room feature wall once you start watching your walls and not the TV!

3. The Kitchen: Sauce Boss Central

Inspiration can come from anywhere and it’s time to get inspired by food! Spice up your cooking routine by turning your kitchen into a feast for your eyes. Release your inner Julia Child alongside a fabulous pop of colour on your walls or...cabinets. White kitchens cabinets are nice, but imagine being inspired by the soft green hues of sage on your cupboard doors or tomato red on your island cabinets. If you’re feeling extra saucy, try adding a chalkboard wall for all your culinary dreaming and secret not-so-secret recipes.

4. The Powder Room: Porcelain Ponder Throne

Just when you thought the entryway was going to make the most memorable

impression...think again! Consider the powder room to be your secret weapon.

We all know that inspiration can strike at the oddest times, so why not let it strike in the one place where everyone can appreciate it. Accent the ceiling, add a funky wallpaper or try a cool new colour and paint it all! Just be careful – you might find yourself spending more time in there than necessary.

5. The Bedroom: Where Dreams (and Feature Walls) Come True

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so let’s make it the coolest room in the house. A

feature wall behind your bed can turn your room from a snooze-fest into a dreamy oasis. This location can provide a striking backdrop that will instantly improve the overall ambiance of the room. Opt for soothing colours, subtle patterns – think dreamy and relaxing. If you’re feeling bold, try painting the ceiling a different colour – this can make the space more intimate and cozy.

6. The Home Office: Zoom Ready Walls

Working from home doesn’t have to be dull. Give your home office a feature wall that inspires creativity and makes your Zoom meetings a little less painful. Don’t be afraid to add some character to the space! This is a fun place to add some colour blocking – accent a favourite piece of furniture or art.

Pro tip: If you successfully master the home office feature wall, you’ll distract your

coworkers from those bad hair days we all know too well!

7. The Reading Nook: A Book Worm’s Delight

We’ve all got that favourite corner that we retreat to when we want to unwind, relax or curl up with a good book. Create a literary escape by designating a feature wall to your favourite spot. Add a little something-something to make that space special. Try colour-blocking a shape on the wall – creating a space within a larger space is a great way to bring colour in and accent a unique place.

8. The Dining Room: Dinner Theater

Why not serve your guests dinner and show? Feature walls in dining rooms are only the beginning to what’s possible in this unique space. Hint hint: walls are not the limit! Create an experience for your guests by painting the ceiling, trim and walls all the same colour, add an interesting light fixture and choose some wall art that accents accordingly. Gone are the days of traditional dinners, add some drama, add some fun!

9. The Stairway: To Colour Heaven

Staircases, although a necessity, are often overlooked. Transform those forgotten vast walls into a stairway to feature wall heaven. This is a great area for a feature wall to blend in different styles from floor to floor or try something new without having to commit to an entire space. Whether it’s a subtle and muted colour giving way to staggeringly beautiful wooden steps or bold colours accenting that one of a kind railing – every step can be a stylish adventure.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to the Top Nine feature wall hotspots. Remember, the key is to have fun with colour and let your creativity go wild. Before you know it, your home will become the envy of every giraffe (because they have long necks and can see into your windows, obviously). Go ahead – let your feature wall dreams come to life!

Blog provided by: The Urban Painter

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