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Time to Shock Your Water Well

Spring is upon us and this is a great time to think about shocking your water well. Did you know it's recommended by Alberta Environment to do this yearly?

Your water well is the most valuable asset on your property and it does require a commitment to maintenance. If a well is properly maintained, the maintenance history can be provided upon resale of the property as well.

Shock chlorination is a relatively inexpensive and straightforward procedure, used to control bacteria in water wells. Shocking your well can help with staining on your plumbing and laundry fixtures, rotten egg smells as well as it's the most effective way to get rid of bacteria while it is e coli and coliforms.

Pouring bleach down your well is not an effective way to shock your well. You will need a large water tank and proper chlorine mix. Once this is run into your well, it gets pumped throughout your house and it has to sit for 24 hours before being pumped out.

When you are pumping this out, ensure you are pumping it outside so that as minimal chlorine as possible enters your septic system. It's best to arrange for a source of drinking water prior to shocking, especially if you have livestock. If you are retesting the water after doing a well shock, it is recommended to wait 7 days to retest the water for e coli and coliforms. Although this procedure is pretty straightforward and simple, shocking your well can cause damage inside your well or to the well casing, so it's always recommended to use a professional for this procedure.

Blog provided by Trinity Water & Septic


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