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Don’t Forget About Those Tires!

Your tires are often the most neglected part of your vehicle, trailer, or RV.

We get new tires installed and away we go, often not thinking about them until it’s time for a seasonal change. Don’t wait until then for the repair shop to tell you they need replacing, or even worse let your dash light come on when you’re cruising down the highway at 110 km!

Proper tire maintenance is important for getting to your destination safely and on time, whether it’s to the grocery store, work or that dream road trip.

There are a few simple things you can do to maintain optimum handling and stopping:

  • Ensure you have the recommended air pressure in each tire.

  • Check for uneven wear as it may be a sign of other issues (if so, have a professional look at it).

  • Use the right tire for the season - winter tires give you much better handling and stopping on ice and snow but wear quickly in the summer whereas summer tires give you a much better ride on dry roads.

Flat tires are another story..

It’s common to think that flat tires are a thing of the past, or at the most a rare occurrence. There are many reasons for flat tires to happen today - did you know that:

  • AMA has up to 50,000 tire calls a year - This does not include other roadside assistance, those that chose to change the tire themselves which can be dangerous and scary, or those that keep refilling that slow leak.

  • 27% of roadside emergencies are tire related.

  • Changing a flat tire on the side of the road has a dangerously high mortality rate (published by the Explorer RV Club).

  • Over 60% of drivers do not know how to change a flat tire.

  • Over 30% of all new vehicles do not have a spare.

So, be prepared!

In addition to the tips given above, Drive on Protection is excited to introduce Permaseal, a Preventative and Permanent Fix solution to the Canadian tire market. With Eco-Friendly / Non-Toxic PermaSeal, arrive safely and avoid the inconvenience and risk of being stuck on the side of the road.

For more information, visit Permaseal Global.

Blog provided by: Permaseal Global


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