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Cabinet Painting and Refinishing: What You Need To Know!

Ready for a kitchen upgrade but not sure you have the budget or the time for a large-scale kitchen renovation? Consider cabinet painting!

Calgary homeowners can elevate the look of their kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any room with cabinetry with professional cabinet painting and refinishing.

Looking to just do some minor modifications? You can update your doors and the kitchen island, all with a little refinishing. Plus, cabinet painting can be done at a fraction of the cost of a full cabinet replacement. It’s a cost-effective and easy way to completely transform your kitchen or bathroom. Swap out the cabinet handles and hardware to finish it off.

Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design offers cabinet refinishing and interior painting in Calgary. They share more information about cabinet painting and refinishing.

How do you know if your cabinets can be refinished?

Calgary cabinet refinishing projects can be completed in any room with cabinets. But first, you’ll want to ensure your cabinets are in decent shape. Major damage to drawers or door fronts, like warping and cracking, might mean a replacement. In addition, cabinets with Thermofoil coating over MDF may not be suitable. Particle board cabinets with a laminate coating that can’t be stripped, sanded or painted also won’t do.

However, if your wood cabinets are in good shape and you like your kitchen’s layout, they’re an excellent candidate for cabinet refinishing! MDF cabinets can also be refinished if the coating is paint or lacquer-finished.

Can I do this myself?

It sounds simple, right? Just paint your cabinet doors, and voila, a brand new kitchen! Before you head to the paint store, understanding all the details that go into refinishing cabinets is a must. While cabinet painting may sound easy enough, it is not. Cabinet painting requires extensive preparation, time, specialized equipment, and know-how to get a flawless finish. If you’re not careful, amateur cabinet painting can leave your kitchen worse off than when you started.

Cabinet painting in Calgary is a job you should leave to the professionals like Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design. They have the experience, skills, and equipment to provide a flawless factory finish on your cabinets. They also know the correct type of paint to use and can provide a free colour consultation.

What does cabinet repainting entail?

A cabinet refinishing project needs to begin with proper degreasing. Then, sanding and filling are vital if you want your cabinets to come out looking like they got a real makeover and the paint job to last. In addition, the right primers must be added to ensure adhesion. For cabinets with an existing wood finish, tannin-blocking primers must be applied to ensure white refinishing won’t yellow over time.

The proper top coat is also key. Lacquer, latex and conversion varnish are just some of the options available when it comes to choosing the right top coat. Cabinet painting is much easier when you choose a company that can help. Can Do More Painting – Renovation & Design will ensure you get the right paint type and finish for your project.

Choosing paint colours

Before repainting your cabinets, choosing the right colour to take your space from blah to wow can be stressful. Don’t tackle this yourself. Instead, use skilled professionals to help with this process. Do some research first about what colours you might like. This way, your contractor can have an idea of the look you’re going for and help you make a decision that best fits your vision and your home.


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