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Why you Should Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly

While BioSweep is not in the furnace business, we are called to a lot of homes after an event causes an unpleasant odour problem, and we see the filters in the homes we are required to treat. Sometimes (not always) they are dirty, and sometimes they are extremely dirty (clogged).

The risk of this is two fold. Firstly, a clogged filter can cause the furnace motor to burn out from having to work too hard. Unfortunately the burnt out motor is the better of the two possibilities as the other possibility is that the heat of the motor could start a fire.

The main reason people don’t change the filter regularly is that it’s easy to forget. Understandable perhaps, but the burnt out motor could cost in the region of $700 to replace, and a fire is obviously worse in every way.

BioSweep has over 10 years experience specializing in odour elimination for the insurance industry, with involvement in both the 2013 flood and the Fort McMurray fire. BioSweep’s proprietary process will either eliminate the problem odour or identify exactly what needs further attention to fix the problem. No more chasing phantom smells that drive you crazy or worse prevent a property from selling or renting. We have extensive experience dealing with pet odour, smoking and cooking smells as well as any other problem smell you can possibly imagine.

We are more than happy to provide testimonials from very happy clients.

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