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Walk In Shower Ideas

A walk-in shower in a bathroom brings a spa-like feeling to the room and elevates the look of the space. Not only that, but it makes stepping into the shower easy for kids, adults, and elderly alike. With an increased focus on creating a space in your home that feels relaxing and comfortable as well as practical this year, there’s almost no better way to invest in your home than with a walk-in shower. And we couldn’t agree more!

Walk-in showers range in size, style, type of enclosure, and appearance, so there are tons of ways you can show off your personal design preferences and personality. That’s one of our favorite things about tile and bathroom showers! But what if you don’t know quite where to start? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a new walk-in shower, check out these walk-in shower ideas to start narrowing down your tile search and creating the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Walk-in Showers with Glass

Classic, uncomplicated, and popular in today’s top trends, walk-in showers that feature glass doors and surrounds are just one way to create the spa-like bathroom of your dreams. Plus, they’re not going out of style anytime soon. Glass is a material that is simply timeless! Not only do glass shower surrounds provide perfect clean lines, but they also make the shower easy to maintain and clean.

Doorless Shower Ideas

A doorless shower is a new, one-of-a-kind way to modernize an entire bathroom. But what is a doorless shower? A doorless shower is simply a walk-in shower that has no shower curtain, no additional glass, just a shower that is clean, simple, and useful. There’s no need for the additional glass door when the shower is planned this way, and it can truly elevate the interior design of the bathroom.

There are many ways to achieve the doorless shower appearance both with tile and glass surrounds and unique steps into the shower area. You can choose to go all-in with a doorless shower and flooring that is flush with the bathroom flooring or even add a step into the shower for a different look.

Gray and White Tile Walk-in Showers

Cool gray and white tones are trendy, neutral, and easily adaptable to almost any style. For a walk-in shower, the two colors pair flawlessly together to create a serene tile-covered bathroom that is both sophisticated and stylish. Whether you choose gray wall tile, gray floor tile, or a gray accent tile, white subway tile, white and gray marble, or a combination of these styles, a gray and white tile walk-in shower will truly have you in awe of the simple beauty of your shower.

Black and White Walk-in Showers

The combination of black and white has been around for many years, and in today’s most beautiful walk-in showers, it still proves its timelessness. A tried-and-true look, the black and white tile combo can provide a modern, elegant, farmhouse, boho, or even industrial look depending on the fixtures and décor in the bathroom. White tiles with black grout work well to provide a stark contrast and draw the eye upward when installed from floor to ceiling, while a black shower floor and white tile walls make a statement. What will you choose for your black and white walk-in shower look?

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