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Next Level Professional House Cleaning

Hiring a professional house, vent, or upholstery cleaning service is about more than simply shifting some of your workloads to a team of paid people. Professional house cleaners can provide your home with a deeper clean than a maid service. While a maid service can be an excellent and affordable choice for those in need of extra cleaning on short notice, most maid services can only provide simple, surface-level cleaning in your home. A trusted house cleaning service will show up on time with the necessary equipment to do an excellent job freshening up your house. With years of experience, professional cleaners know exactly how to handle any mess your home can throw at them.

Walking around your house all day can push grime deeper and deeper into your carpets. In the post-COVID-19 world, it’s more important than ever that we continue to wash our hands and trust that we keep our homes safe and clean for both family members and guests. When your home requires a deep clean, turn to the best house cleaning service in Calgary, Canada, Unified Services Inc. Although a casual, one-time maid service may seem tempting when your house is a disaster, investing in a next-level, more regular professional house cleaning experience may not be as hard on your budget as you think. We can help!


It’s often difficult to make time to deep clean your home yourself during the day. Hiring a professional house cleaning team can save you time, energy, and money (as all the supplies for an efficient deep clean can be expensive). Experienced house cleaners will have access to equipment and experience working with chemicals and other supplies that you may not. It isn’t always easy to keep pets and small children off a drying carpet by yourself, even if you do. Trust the pros at Canada Unified Services Inc. to treat your home with the same love and care that we show our own!

Preparing For the Professionals

The last part of your home that should be cleaned is your carpet. This way, any dust or grime you dislodge from shelves, walls, windows, or ceiling fans will fall on a carpet that hasn’t yet been cleaned. Since carpets take time to dry, you should always schedule the carpet cleaning last so no one you hire to help you clean needs to walk over or place equipment on the wet carpet while they work. The carpet cleaner will also be able to remove any indents or footprints in the carpet that have appeared since the cleaning team has begun work in your house.

When the professionals have agreed to give you (and your home) a day of next-level house cleaning, you will want to prepare your home to be ready for them. Be sure to communicate with the cleaning team. A few quick suggestions to prepare your home are:

  • Ensure the professionals will have a place to park a van or truck

  • Take notes of any problem areas that you want the cleaning team to focus on

  • Move your valuables to other rooms

  • Getting your carpets cleaned? Vacuum before the professionals arrive

  • Tie up or take down your curtains

  • Make arrangements for pets

Looking for a more detailed checklist of how to prepare for the cleaning team’s arrival? Check out Preparing For Professional Carpet Cleaning Magic

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are an often overlooked aspect of your home, and many of us do not clean our carpets often enough. When there are food crumbs on your floor and old bills on your counters, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the work required to keep your home looking clean, and you may forget how much grime your carpets accumulate in between the weeks, months, or even years since you last had them adequately cleaned. While a simple vacuuming job can pick up some hairs and dirt particles, a proper deep clean is needed if you want to take your house cleaning to the next level.


When you make an appointment to have your residential home cleaned, our carpet cleaning technician will meet with you in your home to perform a pre-cleaning analysis. This analysis is crucial to our work process, as it allows us to determine the most effective treatment plan for your carpet. There are many different carpet textures, and each one needs to be treated carefully to ensure all grime is properly removed, and the carpet will not feel crusty after cleaning is complete. When our cleaning team arrives to work, you can expect extraction to remove all traces of dirt, pet fur, hair, dead insects, food crumbs, and detergents from your carpet.

Curious about the results of our work? Our technician will meet with you to offer a post-cleaning analysis of a job well done. Your carpet will need some time to dry (typically between 6 and 24 hours, depending on the size of the room), and you are sure to see a difference in the freshness and cleanliness of your home immediately.


Canada Unified Services Inc. is happy to deep clean your office and your residential home. Noticing stains on the walls and floors of your workplace, along with foul odors, can be distracting for you and your employees (not to mention, they can leave a poor impression of your business on customers or potential business partners that you wish to impress). Having a clean, organized office will improve your ability to focus and work efficiently every day. Even a relatively tidy office can still be subject to stray food crumbs leftover from work parties, and dirt particles dragged in on the soles of your shoes.

Your office building may not require a deep clean quite as often as a residential home prone to more frequent messes. Still, with so many people walking the halls daily, grime is bound to accumulate, and it’s always a good idea to deep clean your office once or twice each year to keep it looking (and smelling) as fresh as possible. Are you concerned about any delays related to the work we do or the products we intend to use? Most carpeted office rooms should not take longer than a few hours to dry, so you shouldn’t expect more than one day of work in a specific carpeted room to be interrupted by our services. Concerns about employee health? Canada Unified Services Inc. only uses high-quality, VOC-free products approved for indoor air use and air quality. We pride ourselves on leaving your carpets much better than we found them, but the health and safety of you and your employees is always our top priority.


In addition to carpets, we are also available to deep clean the upholstery in your office space or residential home. Cleaning your upholstery regularly will help it hold up longer. Specifically, freshening up your upholstery can keep it from wearing thin and will remove any foul odors that have attached themselves to the fabric. For certain, when it comes to our upholstery cleaning service, you can always trust Canada Unified Services Inc. to deliver much better results than your average maid service.

Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services


If you are looking for house cleaning services in Calgary to examine your furnaces, vents, and ducts, then look no further. Our team at Canada Unified Services Inc. is full of cleaning experts who know how to provide these services effectively and detect any problems that may be forming. Your vents and furnaces will rapidly collect several kilograms of dust over time if they aren’t cleaned regularly, and it should come as no surprise that if this dust is left alone, it can impact their functions. When we clean your furnace, we will bring highly efficient vacuums with HEPA filters that will eliminate all grime accumulated in your furnace since the last time it was cleaned. A standard maid service can’t measure up to that! If you don’t recall the last time your furnace was cleaned, then it’s definitely time to call in a professional house cleaning company to help.


Filthy, clogged air ducts can allow bacteria and viruses to thrive, and can make it difficult to breathe. Indoor air quality is typically much poorer than outdoor air quality, so if you want to ensure your employees are healthy in the office (or your family stays healthy in your residential home), you should always prioritize cleaning your air ducts regularly. Clean air ducts also allow buildings to cool and warm quickly, and with a lower cost on your electricity bill.

Air Conditioning Units

A clean air conditioning unit does more than keep you cool, but ensures that you are breathing fresh air too. Have your unit cleaned frequently so it does not collect dust that may affect the system (and so that dust does not end up floating freely through the air of your home). Regular upkeep will keep your air conditioning unit functioning at its best and will greatly reduce the risk that your unit will break in the middle of the hot, busy summer.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Cleaning Services

Losing your home to a fire or flood can be devastating both physically and emotionally. During this trying time, it can be difficult to find a trusted service to help you take the needed steps towards recovering from the damage. You can rely on the Canada Unified Services Inc. cleaning team to work promptly and efficiently to help you demolish part of your residence, extract water from it, and monitor the location as needed. We also provide Contents Management services to help you pack, move, clean, and store any belongings that need to be removed from the area. We send our condolences and will take the utmost care of all your items until they can be properly returned.

Other House Cleaning Services

Everyday Residential Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a professional house deep cleaning company that offers more than just carpet and upholstery cleaning services, we are still the best house cleaning company in Calgary for you. We can clean your air ducts, vents, and bathrooms in the same visit that we handle your carpets and upholstery. Questions? Call (403) 589 – 6149 to ask which services may best suit your needs and we can provide you a free estimate of the costs.

Move-In and Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving day is always stressful, whether you are moving for the very first time or have packed all your things several times in the past. Hiring a professional cleaning team can lift a huge weight off your shoulders as you prepare to move. We believe your home should always shine, both while it’s on the market and when it’s about to be placed into brand new hands. We pledge to assist you as you prepare for your move by arriving on time and working efficiently to make your moving day as stress-free as possible. Hiring a professional house cleaning service can sometimes be expensive, and we are willing to work with your budget in order to ensure you are receiving the most helpful services that you can afford.

Our cleaning team here at Canada Unified Services Inc. is made up of the best professional house cleaners in Calgary. We work efficiently and provide high quality services that we are proud to deliver and we trust you are happy to receive. Contact us right now at 403-589-6149 or with the contact form on our website, and we can give you a free estimate for the cost of cleaning one or more rooms of your residence. Ask us about our custom packages today. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us, and we look forward to making your house feel like a clean, fresh home again.


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