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It’s a Numbers Game! The Benefits of Group Fitness & Wellness

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of exercise: improvements to sleep, stress, cholesterol, strength, endurance, power, etc. The list is pretty long and inclusive, and you’ve probably heard it all before.

Now the question may not be how to get started or what else you can do but perhaps it should be, how many people can I go with? The fact is that everything that exercise improves, group work makes better:

  • Motivation: Having problems getting started? Engage others to help you. Friends can help show you around or ease the anxiety of new spaces or activities. Coaches, class instructors or personal trainers provide you with the technique and coaching to assist in learning the safe, effective, correct way of moving.

  • Adherence/Dedication: Have you started “get fit” resolutions before, only to fall off the wagon? Being part of a group increases your adherence to exercise and your dedication to the process. Having an appointment with a trainer, meeting a friend, or joining a larger class makes it harder for individuals to back out of plans. The “social contract” to continue to show up is very powerful.

  • Intensity: Research has shown that exercising with a friend almost always elicits more intensity (higher heart rates, more load, etc). Not just showing up, but being present for your workout partner is part of the aforementioned “social contract.” Having a class instructor or personal trainer cheering you on also has a huge impact on just how hard you can push yourself any given day.

  • Results: It’s a pretty simple equation: if you are more dedicated to the process and exercising at higher intensities, you reach your goals quicker.

As we continue to come out of the COVID pandemic, two other benefits are becoming increasingly important;

  1. Social Cohesion: Due to social distancing and other pandemic related requirements, many individuals and families felt isolated. Seniors, teens, and new mothers were possibly the most affected. Inserting yourself back into social situations and (re)creating social networks and support are priorities for many people’s mental and emotional health.

  1. Community Wellness: Building on the above social supports helps rebuild one’s sense of community, by supporting others and improving overall individual and family constructs. Moving from a mentality of ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving.’


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