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How to Choose What Material Is Best For Your Deck

This is not just one of the best DIY projects that you can take for at the same time, this brings a lot of benefits to your outdoor space. Whether you plan to host an alfresco dinner party for your friends or you simply enjoy reading your favorite book under the warm sun, your deck is the perfect location where you can do any outdoor activity you have in mind.

For your deck to add real value to your property, the most crucial step is to choose the perfect material for this special spot in your home.

To make the right choice, you might want to know more about the different types of decking materials available right now:

The three common choices when it comes to wood decks are redwood, cedar and pressure-treated wood that can be made of various types of wood species. Redwood and cedar are both naturally insect and rot resistant and have a natural look, but each has its own inherent issues. Natural Wood

Decks made from timber or natural wood are not only aesthetically pleasing for these are also very durable at the same time, as long as you maintain them properly. High quality timber looks outright gorgeous, making them worth of your investment.

If you want to go for a natural wood deck, maintenance is a very crucial factor. Once exposed to the elements, this can weather in time. To avoid cracks, rots and splits, you have to seal and stain the timber regularly.

Synthetic or PVC

Also called wood plastic, polymer vinyl as well as other synthetics are great alternatives for homeowners search for very low maintenance decks. Decks made from plastic are meant to be resistant to stains, mildew and scratches. If you do most of your entertainment outdoors, these are excellent materials as these are made to endure heavy loads of traffic.

Synthetic decks are also lighter compared to most hardwood timbers, resulting to less strain and stress for first timers. Plastics are also easy to clean and cost effective yet these don’t always last as long other alternatives.


Composite decking is an environmentally friendly and famous alternative to natural wood as this is stain resistant, weather resistant and lightweight. Composed of recycled plastics and wood fibers, composites don’t have high risks to splinters and rotting like timber, making this a very low maintenance option. What makes composite decking beautiful is that this never requires sealing or staining. It is likely to retain its wood grain look, color and texture much for its entire lifetime. You only need to wash the deck for better results.


Decks made from materials such as aluminum are also excellent options, specifically for homeowners living close to dense bush land as this will not act as fire accelerant. This is extremely weather resistant, affordable and needs very little to no maintenance. One downside is that this can get slippery when wet so it is recommended for extended outdoor areas instead of right next to a swimming pool. This can also get very hot under direct sunlight.

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Barb Mcmillan
Apr 17, 2020

would like some one to build a deck on the back of my home .

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