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Curb Appeal: First Impressions Add Value

Curb appeal is everything in Real Estate. Whether you’re about to sell your house, or you just bought a new house, changing simple things in your yard space is a sure way to get people’s attention – the good kind.

The best way to capture attention also happens to be relatively inexpensive. The first thing people see on your property is your yard. Whether we like it or not, people begin to judge the entire property as soon as they gaze up the front steps. The outside appearance can make or break their opinion.

Have you ever driven by a restaurant that looks beat up and run down on the outside only to find out that it’s a beautifully furnished and romantic setting inside? Probably not, since you most likely kept driving without ever wanting to find out! The outer appearance had you cast your judgement before ever stepping foot inside.

The same goes for your house when you’re trying to sell; if the yard is run down or overgrown, potential buyers are instantly losing some interest. They might even consider skipping a showing if it’s that bad.

Here are some ways you can add to the perceived value of your house without breaking the bank on a completely new landscape:

  1. Clean up tree and shrub wells by removing debris and edging a clean line around them.

  2. Add fresh mulch around the bases of trees and shrubs.

  3. Clean up garden beds by trimming back anything overgrown, and remove all of the debris.

  4. Add fresh black soil and light mulch to the top of gardens.

  5. Prune and trim trees, shrubs and perennials for a clean kept look.

  6. Edge out the front of your lawn to create a clean line at the sidewalk.

  7. Fertilize the lawn with worm tea or compost tea for a vibrant inviting green.

  8. Level and clean all of your walkway stones.

  9. Add a few colourful accents with some bright annuals, in some nice pots or in your existing gardens. Or you can add an interesting and eye-catching decoration that goes with the season.

  10. Add some solar lights for night time visitors.

  11. Wash the windows and siding on the front of the house.

  12. Paint window and door frames on the front of the house if they’re outdated.

  13. Clean and straighten your porch light.

  14. Clean your eaves troughs, and make sure the downspouts are straight.

  15. Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street!

  16. You could even add a little white picket fence if it suits the yard.

Grounded is part the CIR Realty Best My Nest program. This is a collection of CIR’s approved contractors that truly have the ability to make your nest the best it can be.

There’s evidence that having gardens and food growing raises property value, and draws people into making a decision. I know when we bought our current house, the fact that it had a big vegetable garden, and raspberries, grapes, and rhubarb in the back yard was a huge positive… We were stuck between 2 properties, and the food was what brought our decision into fruition.

When everything above falls into place, your house will stand out, separate from the rest of the houses on the block. People will look at your property and instantly want to know more. “If the outside looks this good, I wonder what the inside is like!”…

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