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How Much Should My Roof Cost?

 image of worker on a shingled roof.

Choosing asphalt shingle is not a one size fits all kind of thing and the same applies to the amount of money a homeowner is about to spend. A basic knowledge of the  different kinds of shingles in the market can make for huge savings, not only the moment your roof is installed, but how long it lasts will have a massive impact on your financial future. 

When planning a reroofing, it is ideal to get  2-3 quotes from different companies. You might find a wide range of prices from one quote to another, and this is where you, as a homeowner, need to do some homework.


To Do List

  1. Compare the scope of work in each quote:

    1. Are they replacing the boards?

    2. What kind of ice & water shield they're using?

    3. How many vents are being replaced?

  2. Check the grade of the asphalt shingles mentioned in the quotes and research the grades so that you are happy with the product you would be receiving.

  3. Check both the warranty on the shingles, and the contractor's warranty on the installation.

Regardless of who you choose to install your roof, always do your research on the company, check a job they've done, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Lastly, it is very tempting to go with the cheapest quote but don't make your decision until you've done your investigation.



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