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The New Alternative Garbage Bins!

Home renovations or even emptying a home to prepare for a move can cause an increase in the amount of garbage. So can spring and fall cleaning and a major decluttering of your home! It’s likely your residential garbage bin won’t hold it all. Instead of making multiple runs to the dump, renting a bin might be a more economical choice. Along with being more economical, there are other reasons why you should rent a bin when renovating or moving.

Easy process and use

Renting a PortaBin makes things easier! Unlike larger, heavier bins, these don’t require a development permit or cause issues with local bylaws. They can fit anywhere you’d park a car, including garages and parkades. PortaBins do not need a 5-tonne truck to move, making it easier to move and park. Plus, they’re less of an eyesore for your neighbours while you’re using them.

Larger bins are typically also open at the top which can result in unwanted dumping from other people. PortaBin bins have locks on them so that you are only paying for your own use, and you can be confident about what’s going into them. You don’t want harmful items ending up in your bin!

Environmentally friendly decision

When emptying a home for a move, renovating, or embarking on a major decluttering project, it’s a good decision to be as environmentally conscious as possible. With responsible waste management practices, items in the bin are sorted and recycled when possible. This diverts excess pieces from local landfills and helps sustainability efforts.

There are limits to what you can put in a bin and it’s important to dispose of such things safely. For example, properly disposing of paint needs to be handled in specific ways, so it can’t be placed in these bins. PortaBins will let you know what can and cannot go in the bin!

Avoid damage to your property

Homeowners aren’t happy to realize that fixed bins have the potential to damage their property. The big heavy stationary bins can damage driveways and lawns during delivery and pickup. When hiring a bin for junk removal, property damage is the last thing you want. PortaBins avoid these issues by staying on a trailer the entire time. This makes delivery and pickup easy, safe, and efficient.

Junk Removal & Bin Rentals in Calgary

PortaBins is a safe and effective solution for your garbage and junk removal needs. From an easy process that includes free delivery, dealing with an excess of garbage is simple. Save yourself the money from multiple trips to the dump and avoid potential damage to your property.

For more information, get in touch with PortaBins Calgary today!

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