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Design Advice from Kitchen Cabinetry Experts

Starting your kitchen or bathroom remodel can feel overwhelming and you might not know where to begin. Merit Kitchens in Calgary has designed and supplied cabinetry to kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms throughout hundreds of homes in Calgary and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We have compiled a list of a few frequently asked questions and expanded on a few of our favorites below so you can start to think about your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Q: How do I improve the functionality of my small kitchen?

A: Kitchen remodels are an exciting opportunity to rethink your space. We encourage you to take a step back and rethink your kitchen or bathroom space. What could be changed? How could the kitchen be remodeled for functionality?

We are a made-to-order kitchen cabinet showroom. Referred to as Semi-Custom Cabinetry in the kitchen cabinet industry. We help create fully customized spaces, without a full custom budget. Combining standard and customized cabinets will maximize your space and kitchen functionality while also ensuring your kitchen remodel reflects your personal style and lifestyle, and saves on total renovation budget.

*Check out a video from House & Home magazine, and a quick page read here. This speaks to a small builder basic kitchen getting a beautiful makeover without a full custom project.

Q: How do I select a kitchen or bathroom cabinet supplier?

A: When you are selecting a kitchen or bathroom cabinet supplier, we encourage you to consider the quality of the product, the selection of materials and colours available, and what type of warranty is offered.

Your cabinet supplier should be knowledgeable, helping you to understand the product, trends, cabinetry styles and materials. Your kitchen cabinetry supplier should be capable of offering you innovative solutions that suit your style and function needs for you as well as anyone in the home who may also be using the same space. Finally, your cabinet supplier or designer should be straightforward and honest, backing up their product with a warranty program.

Q: How can a designer help with my kitchen or bathroom renovation?

A: Kitchen cabinetry is a very specialized and intricate practice that requires experience and knowledge to get just right. By working with a kitchen or bathroom designer, you are not handing over the keys to your project, you are consulting an expert, just as you would with your car and a mechanic, your teeth and a dentist, your shoes and a shoe smith. When you are choosing a kitchen or bathroom cabinetry designer to work alongside, you can request images of their previous work and you should feel comfortable with them; they will be in your home after all. The design process is collaborative, you should ensure your designer shares your passion and vision for the space. They are your expert, they are not you.

At the Merit Kitchens design showroom in Calgary, cabinetry is what we love and designing kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces throughout the home is what we do everyday.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next Calgary kitchen or bathroom renovation project.

Blog provided by Merit Kitchens Design


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