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8 Signs You Need A Duct Cleaning

Here are some key signs that you may need a duct cleaning sooner than later!

Constantly Sick: Do you find yourself getting more sick than usual? Your homes ducts are a trap for lint, allergens, pollen, and mold. Therefore, if this buildup has gotten large over the years, you end up breathing in these pollutants and toxins which can make you sick.

Visible Signs of Mold: Have you looked at your vents in your bathroom or kitchen recently and noticed any signs of mold? The vents in your bathroom and kitchen take away moist air from inside your home or building and move it outside. This moist air can cause mold over time that should be removed or remedied immediately since many types of mold can be harmful to your health and the health of your businesses customers.

Unknown Musty Smell: Like we mentioned above, if you constantly notice weird stale smells when you come into your home, this could be a sign that your vents are holding onto old, moldy contaminates. In new homes, this can happen also since food, dust, dirt, and other items can find their way into your vent system throughout the construction process.

Lots of Dust: If you find yourself constantly dusting your home and notice lots of particulate in the air when the sun shines in your home, this is a sign that your ducts should be cleaned.

Too Humid or Dry Air: If you notice that the air in your home is constantly to dry of to humid, this could be a sign of major a duct blockage. If the ducts become blocked it eliminates the ability for your homes appliances to circulate fresh air properly and to remove moist/dry air from your home.

Uneven Heating of Rooms: If you notice warm and cold air in one room and but another room is not warming or cooling the same, this could be a sign of major buildup/blockages in your ducts. This also can be detected when you find yourself constantly fighting with someone else over the thermostat temperature!

Damp Clothing: If you notice your clothes are always wet, damp, or not drying the way they used to, this is a key signs that your need a cleaning ASAP! This means there is a buildup of lint in the dryer vents which puts your home at risk for a fire. Plus, running the dryer longer to compensate for this will increase your energy bill also.

Increased Energy Bills: If you notice your energy bill slowly creeping up month after month, this could be a sign that your ducts are blocked. Since heating and cooling makes up 48% of your energy bill, a small decrease in efficiency can result in a big bill for your home month after month.

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