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When You Need to Replace your Electrical Panel

To ensure that your home is well-functioning, whether to live comfortably or to eventually sell the house, you want to keep your electrical wiring maintained and up to date. Part of this process is checking your electrical panel to see if it has decreased in quality and needs repairs or a replacement. Because your electrical panel keeps your home operating and your household secure, knowing the signs that your electrical panel needs to be replaced can be helpful for safety and maintenance purposes.

Find out the signs to watch for when you may need an electrical panel replacement and when you should contact your local electrician in Calgary, who will successfully replace your electrical panel.

Aging panel

An electrical panel can usually last between 25 to 50 years before it begins to deteriorate visibly. This lifespan means that if you have purchased an older home built within the last 20 to 30 years, with an electrical panel already installed, it may have already begun to age and become worn out. You can get an inspection completed by a professional electrician in Calgary to determine if your panel has aged and needs a replacement or minor repairs.

Burning smell

If a smell has been permeating your home from your electrical panel, you need to get it inspected as soon as possible to avoid potential hazards resulting from a damaged panel. A burning smell, in particular, should be alarming for you and will indicate that your electrical panel needs to be replaced before it causes a house fire. This burning smell is often caused by the plastic jacket around the electrical wire melting or when wood insulation scorches. Fires originating from faulty electrical panelling can cause widespread damage around your property, meaning that it’s vital to correct this issue as soon as you smell burning.

Tripping breaker

When your electrical panel trips, it means that someplace in your home is drawing too much power and you must flip a breaker so the power can flow again. While a tripping break is often normal, if it happens very frequently where it starts to become a noticeable nuisance, this tends to mean that there is something wrong with your electrical panel and it may need replacing, which can be confirmed by an experienced electrician.

Flickering lights

After turning on your lights, if you notice they are flickering more often than not, especially when you turn on appliances; this could be a sign that your electrical panel is working to its full capacity. While you might perceive your lights flickering as an issue with the light itself, it’s more likely to be an issue with the electrical panel trying to draw more power than it can handle.

Recently installed appliances

If you have purchased a new appliance and you begin to notice issues with your electrical panel, it may be due to the fact that your panel doesn’t have enough to power the appliance, and the circuit could easily overload. When you obtain new appliances that include a dryer or washer, hot tub, air conditioning and any general HVAC system, you can expect these fixtures to use a lot of power that could impact your electrical panel, and a replacement will eventually be required.

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