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What You Can Do to Winterize Your Home

The cold weather is here for the season it seems. Making it the perfect time to ensure that your home is ready for the fluctuations in temperature. A few items that are worth noting in your winterization process:

  • Purchase, check or replace those heat tapes under your house, in your pump house (if you have one) and any stock waterers you may have.

  • Make sure your stock waterers are sealed properly to not allow a draft to get under them causing them to freeze.

  • Check all your thermostats.

  • If you have a well/pump house, make sure you have a heater that is working but also ensure the walls are insulated to retain the heat that you are using. Check for any drafts.

Incorporating these items into your seasonal maintenance checklist will go far in the prevention of damage and inefficiency in your home.

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