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What should you do if you have discovered that your furnace isn’t producing heat?

Although we are in the beginning stages of summer here in Calgary, you want to keep your furnace in good running condition all year round!! Running the furnace fan in the summer is also a great way to keep airflow moving in your home as well as helping to keep your home cooler during the hot months.Is your furnace fan running? During the winter we rely on our furnace to keep our home warm. Here are a few steps if you experience a furnace failure.

Step One : Make sure the Thermostat is set to Heat. This sounds obvious, but in many cases the switch may have been accidentally turned off, or turned off or turned off during the warm weather and was not turned back to heat.

Step Two: check the power source. Is there electricity on in the rest of the house? Your furnace needs electricity to run. If it’s out, call your electric company and see how long it will be until power is restored. You would be surprised by the number of calls we get from client’s who don’t realize that their furnace can’t run without electricity.

Step Three: check the air furnace filter. It may be clogged which could cause an automatic shut-down. In that case, all you need to do is replace the filter and start the furnace up again.

Step Four: Check the gas valve If all else fails, check the furnace’s gas valve to make sure that it hasn’t somehow been turned to the “Off” position. Any gas furnace has a “gas cock” that has to be located within six feet of the furnace. This is usually never touched, but you could check it. Another way to double-check: If you have more than one gas appliance, find out if it’s working. If it is, you know that the gas line into the home is OK.

Step Five: Call a repair technician. Chances are the problem is minor especially if it’s a newer furnace. A repair professional will know how to access all components that can become clogged and connections that may have corroded. The technician will also be able to inspect and diagnose larger problems like broken motors and belts. Ask yourself… the repair is worth it? Many repairs only involve inexpensive replacement parts or simple tune-ups. Unfortunately some repairs can be very costly, it may be worth it for you to consider a new furnace so weigh your options.

If the repair or installation is going to take some time for parts or a new furnace…Keep warm by wearing a few extra layers, running electrical heaters or by using your fireplace (considering you have one).



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