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What Kind of Light is Best for a Bathroom?

Bathroom lighting is very important to many people, as this is the room where they apply make-up, shave, or perform other tasks that require supreme lighting. If you need inspiration then you might be interested in checking out this bathroom renovation. To produce light that is both flattering and prevents shadows, consider installing a vanity light not only above the mirror but also a wall sconce on each side. The light above the mirror should not be smaller than 24 inches wide, and the two wall sconces should be about 60 inches above the floor and no less than 28 inches apart.

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If installing wall sconces on either side of the mirror is not an option for your bathroom lighting, choose a vanity light with more wattage. In order to maximize wattage, choose a larger vanity light rated for higher wattage. To retain an aesthetic, proportionate look, do not choose a vanity light larger than the bathroom mirror and vanity sink.

Considering that there are various sizes of bathrooms and vanities, you should take these suggestions as guidelines for designing a well lit, proportionate bathroom. It is important to be innovative and to choose lighting that suits your specific needs. For example, if your bathroom is extremely large, the three fixtures suggested earlier may not be sufficient. To give the room better lighting, you may want to add a flushmount in the center of the bathroom.

On the other hand, if the bathroom is strictly a powder room, you may not require the same amount of wattage as a bathroom that is used for more functional activities. If you wish to create a calmer atmosphere in your bathroom, consider going with less wattage or a dimmer switch.


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