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What Detail Should I Be Looking for When a Calgary Contractor Provides Me with a Roofing Estimate?

Getting an estimate from prospective flat roofing contractors in Airdrie is one of the most critical steps in the roof installation or replacement process. When you compare and contrast these documents, it will be easier for you to manage your budget. It will also help you determine the best roofing company in Airdrie out of all the different providers trying to convince you to hire them.

As you might already know by now, roofing work is far from cheap. A complete roof replacement can easily cost you thousands of dollars on average. This is why it is very important that you shop around first to find a reasonable price from a qualified professional flat roofing contractor in Airdrie.

A roofing estimate, also called a roofing bid, must tell you all the things you should know about your roofing project. The document may differ a lot among the different flat commercial roofing contractors. For example, one roofing contractor in Drumheller Alberta may give you a one-page handwritten summary while another Airdrie roofing contractor may provide a document that looks official with several pages. Both of these two are enough as long as they contain the essentials.

Here are the most crucial details that you should be looking for when a contractor gives you an estimate:


Every roofing estimate must contain the cost of both labor and materials. This part also needs to outline if there are fees on tasks related to the project such as removing and cleaning old roofing materials and securing the necessary permits.

Licensing and Insurance Information

A good Airdrie roofing company should also provide proof of insurance and license in the roofing estimate given to you. Disregard estimates from all providers of local roofing Airdrie that can’t provide this critical information.

Breakdown of Materials

This is the part of the estimate that serves as the key indicator of the legitimacy of a roofer in Airdrie when it comes to doing business with its customers.

A certified Airdrie roofing contractor will put as many specific details as possible when it comes to the type of shingles, underlayment, and flashing.

They also need to include other roofing components and materials that will be used for the project together with the thickness, size, and brand.

Payment Information

A roofing estimate will never be complete if it doesn’t include the payment information section. Every single detail of the terms of payment must be carefully explained here, including the payment methods, end payment, and down payments. Another important thing you should look for is a provision that states that you can delay the final payment until you find the result satisfactory.

Termination Clause

Last, but not least, a roofing estimate must also include a well-defined way to terminate the contract. It must explain the specific reasons why either the contractor or you can terminate the agreement with no need to incur any penalties if one of the terms of the contract has been violated.

When you choose to work with the #1 Flat roofing repair company in Calgary serving Airdrie, you can be sure that all of these details will be included in your estimate.

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