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Update Your Space with Pillows

A quick pillow update is all you need to revivify your space: 

• How many pillows do you need? A few good rules of thumb are: 1 pillow per chair, 3 per sofa, 5 per small sectional, and 8 for a very large sectional. 

• Mix pillow sizes. Use a mixture of 18”, 14”, and lumbar pillows to complete your look. 

• Use 3 different fabrics for pillows. This will make the room look eclectic and expertly styled. 

• Feather pillows have a luxurious look and feel. They are a larger investment up front but will withstand years of catnaps on the couch! 

• To complete the look, make sure you have a throw blanket handy for evenings in front of the fire (or for most of us, the television).  

by EQ3


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