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Top Tips for busy moms to stay organized

Life can be extremely busy for all of us, whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom. There is always something to be done and it can start to have an effect on our health, state of mind and our family connection. Clutter can cause you to feel overwhelmed or depressed, it can rob you of your energy and cost you money.

Try this exercise: Focus on a cluttered area. How do you feel when you look at this area? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Getting organized will help you feel better emotionally and physically. This is why we want to help others get organized, to help them overcome the emotional side of removing the clutter from their life and show them how it can benefit you in many ways. The sense of freedom we see on a clients face when they realize they now have things under control and can see themselves having more time to do the things they love is priceless.

Being a mom myself and running a business, I have had to put systems in place to help me stay “on top” of my life. But this does not mean that I don’t have days where things don’t go to plan! And that is ok, life will throw us curve balls from time to time, so long as we go back either the next day or that night to put things back in place we can get back to where we were.

     For me my top five tips on helping me keep organized are:

Have a calendar – somewhere where all can see. I know physical calendars seem so out of date, but this way the children can also see what the plans are for the month – and they may help in reminding you of an important date coming up! Agree that no commitments will be added without mutual agreement like a birthday party, or Mom’s night out.

Have routines – I find that if you keep to a routine as much as possible you tend to keep things in the same place so you can easily find them. It also helps children to know where to look for either their clothes, books or hairbrush themselves so they can start being independent.

Have the children’s belongings organized – create specific spaces for each type of activity and keep toys and clothes to a minimum

Plan the children’s school outfits for the week at the end of the weekend.  I have a hanging closet where I set out my son’s school outfit for each day on a separate labelled shelf. My son will then go to the appropriate day and know what he is going to wear without having to ask.

Plan meals – this is a big one in my house. We will plan what we are going to have for supper and lunches for the week, then write a grocery list according to the ingredients needed and then stick to this. We have a certain number of go to recipes that we will rotate weekly. We will then set aside a certain time on the weekend to cook these meals and have them ready to go.

Each family is different and you will find that things may work for some families but might may not work for others, if you can follow these general guidelines and adjust to what works best for you then you will have a happy household!

Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive – to me it is about taking some time out of the day and planning what is going on the next day or week! We are happy to help set these systems in place and get the busy mom up and running so they can start getting organized and happy.

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