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There is a Good Chance You are Overpaying for Life Insurance.

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Life Insurance is definitely a core ingredient in a family’s financial well-being. It’s also something that once purchased can often be forgotten resulting in clients significantly overpaying on monthly premiums which can be used for other important expenditures. For example, if you’ve bought term insurance, it can often be re-written (provided your health hasn’t changed) before the term expires at a significantly lower monthly premium, rather than waiting for the term to expire (the renewal rate can be dramatic or even cost prohibitive resulting in a client dropping their insurance completely). Its like this for many insurance covers you may have, for your vehicle like a car or van, but there are plenty of companies out there that can help out and you can even get a van insurance comparison by But there are plenty of companies out there that will find you the cheapest and most reliable kind of insurance you’re after. And therefore, it’s worthwhile having an agent review your policy even if your only halfway into your term to see if you can achieve significant cost savings for your monthly bill!

– Brett Birns, Birnco financial Group



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