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The Latest Trends In Flooring

Trust yourself by staying true to yourself and your home. While trends often rise and fall in popularity, over time, let’s talk about floors that never fall out of fashion.

When it comes to your home, it’s about creating a space that you love, and what better place to start than your floors? In the past, floors were meant to take a backseat in the style world, simply acting as a canvas for the rest of your room. Now, your floors are a place to give your home personality. Use them as a base to build off of with dual-stained wood or as a focal point with patterned carpets. Whatever you choose to do, these are the trends that are about to dominate soft and hard surface flooring.

From master suites to plush playrooms, carpet remains a staple in the home. Here's what's trending in the world of soft surface flooring this year.

Is Patterned Carpet for Me?

While it’s traditionally a smart bet to choose solid carpets, today’s trends see a shift toward patterned and multi-colored carpets. From simple geometric patterns to nature- inspired, patterned carpets help bring out the character and style of a room. Now, this may seem intimidating, but our patterned carpets range from subtle shading to bold and bright, including an array of textures of tones to offer you a carpet that’s uniquely you.

What Carpet Colors Are Trending?

This year, we continue to see a trend in neutral-colored floors. Warm greys and taupes take the forefront, while browns will also see a rise in popularity as we continue to embrace the organic elements of the outdoors inside. The widespread realm of whites and creams will continue to be a popular choice, lending an ever-trending sense of sophistication and brightness to your home.

Are Soft Carpets in Style?

While strength and stain protection has long been the name of the game for carpet, nothing beats a soft carpet. As comfort continues to be a priority in home décor, soft carpets are making a comeback – but this doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing performance with it. Today you can enjoy carpet that is as soft as it is durable thanks to manufacturing advancements and stronger fibers. Strands are softer and silkier than ever, all while offering maximum durability and the most advanced built-in stain protection homeowners have come to expect. Can you ask for anything better? From traditional hardwood to the latest in luxury vinyl and tile, the following three trends will dominate hard surface flooring this year. Gloss Be Gone!

While glossy, shiny floors have long been the envy of homeowners, they tend to get scratches, scuffs, and dents easier thanks to their light reflectance. Low sheen finishes are a low-maintenance look that is not only family-friendly but falls in line with the more natural visuals in today's home. You won’t have to worry about hiding scratches or unnecessary refinishing —just think how many compliments you’re going to get! You can enjoy this look in everything from hardwood to luxury vinyl – and don’t forget tile thanks to our incredible selection of wood-look tile products from exclusive brands!

Dual Staining

Why have one hue, when you can have two? Trends forecast dual-stained wood to be a front runner in flooring for everything from country chic to mid-century modern to maximalists.

Complimentary colors will be paired this year to create rich, complex visuals that add interest and dimension to a space. Dual staining can be soft and subtle or bright and bold depending on your personal preference.

Patterned Designs

Patterns aren’t just for carpet this year. From mixed-width planks to beautifully intricate herringbone patterns, flooring installations will be anything but boring. Like patterned carpets, wood patterns can be used as a base for your room design or as the focal point. This look can be achieved using hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, or tile and for extra points, you can combine this style trend with dual staining or low sheen flooring for the ultimate stylish floor! When all is said and done, your floors should be a reflection of you. Whether your style is retro chic or minimalist, we have just the floor you need. And if you’re planning a complete home renovation, these flooring trends are sure to help you stay ahead of the curve in both style and performance.


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