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Simple and Affordable Ways to Make Your Home More Desirable to Buyers

When listing your house for sale it is important to trust your realtor’s guidance on how to get that

coveted ‘Sold’ sign up on your lot quickly. Over the years we have compiled some of the most tried and true home improvements and upgrades that can help your home stand out to potential buyers and most importantly, not break the bank.

Neutralize Bold Designs

This is an important pre-listing project that is not to be missed. Although you may love your moody dark feature wall, a potential buyer may not, and you surely do not want that to be the deciding factor of why someone doesn’t choose to purchase your home. Getting any bold colours painted to a neutral shade is a great idea to appeal to more people. If you hire a professional, it’s a good idea to have them touch up any rough spots and your baseboards.

Give Your Home a Fix Up

Before you list is the ideal time to deal with your long to-do list that you have been putting off. Loose handles, finicky lights, squeaky doors, and loose deck boards all need to be given some TLC prior to putting your home up for sale. If you aren’t into doing the work yourself it’s time to call in a qualified handyman!

Updated Lighting

With so many beautiful and affordable lighting options out there, this is an absolute must on our to-do list. If your budget does not allow for completing all your home’s fixtures, choose the most visible, or dated, light fixtures in your home.

New Plumbing Fixtures and Cabinet Hardware

A quick way to give your kitchen and bathrooms an updated look is to swap out plumbing fixtures and cabinet handles. There are so many different styles of faucets and showerheads, and you can really give your home a spa-like feel without breaking the bank. New cabinet hardware is an easy update to finish off the refresh of your space.

Increase Curb Appeal

We all see the Pinterest-worthy painted doors and of course that is a fun weekend project that can give your home some ‘wow’ factor, but do not forget about all the other small projects that can make your home more welcoming. Any damaged, or run-down exteriors, should be fixed before putting your house on the market. Small repairs and upgrades like tightening wobbly handrails, repairing chipped stucco and concrete, and adding a smart home doorbell really go a long way when welcoming potential buyers.

It’s All in The Details

Although you want to avoid any personal photos in your home when listing for sale, you still want to have décor that makes it feel warm and welcoming. Be sure to mount mirrors and artwork, hang new shower curtains, a floating shelf and some throw pillows to bring your decor home.

Certainly, this list is not all encompassing, but it is a great start to get your home ready for sale. If there is anything around your home that you need help with, we are just a phone call away!

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