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Refresh Your Home with Painted Cabinets

Just because your cabinets are starting to look outdated, doesn’t mean you have to completely replace them. Refinishing those old cabinets is a great way to still transform them, without the cost of a full replacement. Not only will a little paint or lacquer bring plenty of benefits, but hiring a pro painter to handle the job for you will double those benefits!

Can Do More Painting in Calgary has a custom spray shop so they can offer a full range of cabinet and interior and exterior painting and refinishing services. They share some of the benefits of cabinet refinishing and using their pro painters to do so:

Cabinet refinishing is less disruptive and convenient

Renovating your kitchen or gutting your old cabinets takes a lot of work and time and is a disruptive process. Cabinet refinishing, on the other hand, includes removing the doors to be sanded and then re-stained or painted/lacquered a new colour. Instead of having difficulty accessing your kitchen or a loud, messy process, refinishing is quick, quiet and non-invasive! It is also a much quicker process than a full replacement, often only a couple days. You won’t have to find new cabinets or wait for an order to arrive, because everything is already there!

A new refinishing costs less and boosts your home’s value

It’s amazing how far refinishing your cabinets can take you, especially when it has to do with benefiting your homes value. Choosing to refinish your cabinets and not replace them will save you almost a third of the cost of replacing. It’ll also help modernize and update your kitchen, which is an instant selling point. The right paint/lacquer can help your kitchen feel bigger or brighter, which will help make your kitchen a real focal feature. A beautiful kitchen will help boost your home’s value all around, which in turn will boost that resale value.

Can Do More Painting Designer can suggest the right colours and pairings - for FREE

Choosing the right colour of paint or lacquer for your kitchen can be daunting, especially when there are so many factors to consider. Will the colours match the countertops and backsplash? Are you looking to add a sense of height or a dark dramatic look?

When you work with a cabinet refinisher, they come armed with all the experience needed to choose the right colours. Different cabinet materials will work better with certain paints and stains, and less so with others. A professional cabinet refinishing painter will be able to guide you to the right match. If you need some inspiration to help kickstart some ideas, then check out these colour choices to paint your cabinets. If you are unsure about choosing the right colour, Cab Do More Painting has the expertise to help you select the perfect choice - For FREE!

Quality finish and timely completion

Refinishing your cabinets will add back their original quality and value, plus a little extra for the updated feel it will provide. When you work with a professional though, having that stamp of professional work will boost that quality even more. The knowledge and skill that they bring will show in the flawless end results. A professional will also guarantee that the project is done in a timely fashion. That way, you can enjoy your new cabinets and kitchen sooner. Likewise, if you are planning to sell, then having everything ready without sacrificing quality is key.

Most importantly though, a pro painter takes away all the stress! You get peace of mind in exchange for cabinets that will look brand new again.

Painters in Calgary

As their name suggests, Can Do More Painting strives to do more for both you and your home. They really can do more! If you decide that the cabinet doors are just not going to work, Can Do More Painting offers re-dooring/Refacing. This is where you keep the cabinet bones and just replace the doors. This option typically gives the look of a new kitchen for half the price of new cabinets. If you need to change the structure of your cabinets, they can help with that too. Some clients also want to upgrade to soft close doors and drawers at the same time and Can Do More Painting can help with that as well. Really, they Can Do More. Just ask!

Can Do More Painting pride themselves in guaranteeing fair quotes and professional, high-quality results on every project. Can Do More Painting offers full residential and commercial painting, as well as interior and exterior services.


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