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Purge And Organize All Your Closets With Three Simple Questions

Most homes have several different types of closets, including clothes closets, linen closets, entryway and hall closets, utility closets, and crafts or sewing closets. By virtue of the many things that go into closets, their efficiency and usefulness can run the gamut from organized and highly efficient to messy, but okay, and all the way to over-stuffed and out of control.

Closet maintenance can be an ongoing battle and it takes more than wishful thinking to get your closets organized. You have to get in there and do something to make a lasting change. If you have a power struggle with your closets, Tailored Living® can help you win that clutter war by getting the contents of all your closets under control. Three simple questions will get you on the road to cleaner closets. Then, we’ll show you how a custom closet organization system can turn any closet into permanently efficient storage space, no matter what you need to store. So, pick a closet, any closet, and begin.

Question One:  Does this belong here?

Not, “Do I want it, love it, or does it bring me joy,” but, “Does it belong HERE?” Items can travel room to room and end up in the wrong closet. Remove everything from the closet that doesn’t belong. By moving interlopers to wherever they do belong, they’ll become useful again (since you can now find them) and you’ll free up closet space for what needs to be in this closet. Relocate:

  • Towels in your clothes closet that should be in the linen closet.

  • The stack of books on the floor in the hall closet that belongs in a bookcase.

  • The shoebox of tools in the linen closet that needs to move out to the garage.

Question Two:  Do I ever use or need this?

We all hang onto things for various reasons and some of those reasons lead to useless clutter. Make an honest judgement of everything in the closet and get rid of what you no longer use or need. This applies to clothes, shoes, appliances, sports equipment, games, comforters, pillows, and table linens. However, if it’s something you love, regardless of its usefulness, feel free to keep it—just be sure it’s in the proper closet. Purge the no-longer-useful:

  • Games and puzzles the kids have outgrown or no longer like.

  • Clothes no one will ever wear and last year’s soccer or Little League uniforms.

  • Specialty gear or equipment for a hobby or project that never quite caught on.

Question Three:  Is it broken, ill-fitting, or damaged?

Now that you’ve reduced the contents somewhat, there’s one last test. Is everything in good and usable condition? If you really intend to repair some items, put them together in a box in the garage as a reminder, and discard the rest. Most often clothes come to mind with this assessment, but other items can qualify for removal to cut down on closet clutter:

  • Belts, shoes, purses, and backpacks can break straps, heels, or buckles but still remain in the closet.

  • Fabrics get stained and worn beyond practical use, including bedroom and kitchen linens like sheets and pillowcases, towels, napkins and tablecloths, but they never leave the linen closet.

  • Cleaners and home care products can be ineffective, have unpleasant scents or the spray bottles refuse to spray. They don’t deserve valuable storage space, yet they move to the back of the closet and stay there.

Transform all your closets with custom closet organization systems

By removing the excess from your closets, you’re now ready to organize specifically for the contents in each closet. Tailored Living’s custom closet organization systems use a combination of hanging rods, cabinets, drawers, adjustable shelves, and closet accessories like decorative hooks, pullout bins, baskets, and specialty racks, so every closet becomes efficient user-friendly storage space. With our 3D design software, you’ll be able to see exactly how each closet design will look upon installation.

  • Clothes closets require hanging space as well as shelves, drawers, and cabinets for folded items and accessories.

  • Linen closets with floor-to-ceiling shelving and drawers can accommodate an entire household’s storage needs for linens, paper products, and cleaning supplies.

  • Entryway or hallway closets are most efficient with hanging rods as well as shelves or cubbies for additional storage, including shoes, boots, and hats.

  • Utility closets can be configured with space for brooms, mops, and vacuums, as well as shelves for cleaning supplies, first-aid kit, pet food, and more.

  • Craft closets can be customized for all your supplies from tiny sequins and crayons to hot glue guns and a baby lock embroidery sewing machine.

Don’t let your messy closets continue to bring frustration into your life. Take control by purging unnecessary items and reorganizing with a custom closet organizer for every closet. Storage space will be maximized, and you’ll be able to efficiently store even more than before, with everything organized and easily accessible.

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