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Off The Wall

Over the years I have found that there is one area where clients always struggle and that is how to hang their art. Typically, most people tend to hang it too high, but a tip I learned years ago has been invaluable and is very simple which is:

Always hang your art at 57″ on center

What “on center” means is that the middle of the artwork will always be at 57″ (and of course, the hook will be higher). The standard of 57″ represents the human eye height (unless you’re vertically challenged like I am lol) as an average. Many galleries and museums tend to use this formula as well.


This height will also ensure that your other art will hang in close proximity to other items in the room such as rugs, furniture and lighting.

The 57″ also applies to groups of pictures. Always think of the GROUP as ONE picture. It is usually easiest to arrange the pictures how you want them on the floor, then start with the center picture and get it at 57″ on center and begin surrounding it with the rest of the group.


This type of technique is great for a straightforward, simple style but let your creative genius shine through for large walls where many different shapes and sizes of art are involved!


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