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Murphy Beds – Because Multi-functional spaces are a great way to make sure there is room for e

There is nothing better than having your own space for family time, working, working out, relaxing, and entertaining. And perhaps nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find a way to meet those needs in your own home. It’s hard to enjoy your morning coffee when your brother-in-law is snoring on the couch. Nothing says “party” like watching your friend try to eat while balanced on the arm of the sofa. Multi-functional spaces are a great way to make sure there is room for everyone in your life. While renovating, using your upward or wall space is a way to get more space, Revolve has a better solution – invest in a cabinet bed.

Freestanding cabinet guest beds work for small spaces, multi-functional spaces, even under windows. With the functionality of a Murphy bed, sofa, and shelf in one, Revolve’s Denva and Stanley model cabinet beds are versatile pieces of furniture that transform a room in just seconds. Check out this video to see how easy setting up and taking down this Murphy bed really is!


You can easily add seating space for your next party, avoiding that awkward 3-stranger couch squish, let your guests sleep-in in another room so they don’t disturb your morning routine, or easily put the cabinet sofa or bed away when you need workout space. The shelf of the cabinet bed can be put to permanent use, as a TV stand or display space, since it isn’t disturbed during the cabinet’s transformation. It may be harder to decide which functions and which rooms you want to create with your cabinet, than changing up the room.

Regardless of what you decide, your cabinet bed will last. Both the Denva and Stanley cabinet beds meet our high standards for design and materials. Hand-made in Vancouver, British Columbia, from Washington state solid birch, not MDF, these cabinets come with a full one-year non-prorated warranty, a custom memory foam mattress with a with a 10 non-prorated warranty and built-in LED lights.

Customize the Denva and Stanley cabinet beds to fit in, or stand out, in your home design. Choose from a rich variety of handle designs, stain colours, and optional functional elements such as built-in night stands, shelving, closet rods or USB ports to make this guest bed a real statement in your home.

Whether the cabinet is designed to standout, or hide in plain site, these guest beds instantly add more to your home. With a Revolve cabinet bed, you add more than space, you add style and function.



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