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Living and working in clean atmosphere is a must, but sometimes, what you can’t see can trigger allergies and reactions and affect respiratory conditions. Dusty or mold spores are often hidden in placed you’d never expect.


Start with fresh bed space. Dust mites are hungry for the dead skin cells and fluff that exists under and in your bed frame and mattress. When you are able, remove your sheets and mattress cover and wash effectively once a week. Use pillow protectors and duvet covers to preserve the integrity of your feathered or poly-filled bed items. You can also wash or dry-clean your feather pillows and duvets, on delicate, in cold water. Make sure to dry them on delicate as well.

Vacuum under the bed and wipe down your bed frame. While bedding will catch your eye and help you sleep comfortably, dust and mites can lurk between those expensive sheets.

Steam clean your mattress. If you find your allergies are getting the best of you, complete your cleaning experience with a hand steamer, following along the seams and main frame of your top mattress and box spring. Allow them to dry completely (a couple of hours) before putting clean sheets on top.

Ditch the carpet if you can. Carpet is a trap for dust, so if you have the option, use tile or hardwood in bedrooms. These are easier to clean and don’t trap dirt and dust as much as carpet fibres. Carpet tiles are a soft alternative, or use a throw rug with a water- resistant and non-slip backing.

Replace old shower curtains. Vinyl may be convenient in your shower stalls and tubs, but they are mold traps. Use breathable nylon curtains instead. They also last longer and are washable.

Clean your grout and seals regularly. That steam cleaner you used on your mattress will come in handy in the bathroom. Use it to disinfect tiles, sealants around the sinks, tub/shower, toilet and baseboard.

When you flush a toilet, close the lid: High efficiency, fast-flush toilets spray tiny tiny droplets of dirty water on your clothes, the surrounding floor and even the counter, toilet paper and towels. Get everyone involved in this practice. When cleaning the bathroom, make sure to disinfect the toilet handle! Drop a bleach tablet in your tank, which will clean with each flush. Bleach works very well in showers and tubs. Use instructions on the bleach bottle to ensure safe use. Make sure to wash the surrounding countertop regularly and your toothbrushes, razors, and other items that come close to your face.

Dust and Vacuum regularly. Even if you don’t have pets or live with someone who has respiratory issues, it’s still a good idea to keep on top of dust and dirt. Invest in a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)filter vacuum that won’t push dust back into the air. Disposable sweepers and mops are also a great idea and are quick and easy to use. You can fill the cleaner bottle with natural cleaning agents, such as water and vinegar, or a few drops of citrus or tea tree oil, if you prefer. Just make sure whatever you use, it will work with specialty floor coverings like hardwood, cork or tile.

Curtains and blinds needs regular cleaning as well. Shake, wash or vacuum them and do this regularly, especially if windows are open regularly and during winter, when dust comes from furnace vents or a fireplace.

Take shoes off when coming in the door. You never know what you’ll be bringing into your home, including dirt, mold, pollen, leaf bits (which also carry dangerous spores) and pet or bird feces. Make sure to clean your pet’s paws and fur when they come in the door especially during rainy days and in the Fall, where leaves, dirt and pooh can cling.

MIMI Pro Cleaning Services tackles these challenges every day. Their professional cleaning team has some handy tips to keep dust and mold at bay in everyday life.



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