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Maintaining A Spotless Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home. A kitchen is where you prepare food for your loved ones, where you spend time together with family, and where people gather for holidays. Which is why it is so satisfying to see your kitchen clean and well organized! However, it is not easy for a kitchen to keep its pristine look without regular maintenance, especially if it is a white kitchen.

Before we start, let’s have all the supplies ready. We need microfibre cloths, a scrubber, a scraper, stove top cleaner, dish soap, a vacuum, and a mop. Remember to use gentle products, not any bleach, ammonia, or acidic (vinegar) substances in the kitchen area, to avoid any damage. Strong chemicals are not safe for your kitchen (this is where food is prepared for your family) and yourself for touching and breathing in. Another thing to remember is to always clean from top to bottom to ensure all dust, particles, and hair that fall during the cleaning can be gathered on the floor at the end.

First, start by clearing the counters and organizing. Put the dishes away and organize other items (tools, herbs, spices, etc) in the proper drawers or pantry. Utilizing multiple organizers is another good way to keep your kitchen tidy all the time.

Second, clean the stovetop and the backsplash. You can use the stove top cleaner and gently rub it with a non-scratching scrubber to remove all the burnt food or marks. You can wipe off any remaining cleaner with a paper towel then polish with a microfibre cloth. For the backsplash, you can start cleaning with a scrubber and cloth. If there is harder food stuck on the surface, try using a bit of dish soap to scrub it off. Make sure to avoid using bleach or vinegar (vinegar can cause damage to the grout if your backsplash is made of tiles and the grouts are getting old with possible cracks).

Cleaning the countertops is one of the most important parts of keeping a kitchen clean. The first step to cleaning a countertop is to use a gentle cleanser and water on the top of the countertop. You can use specialized cleaners for your countertop (granite, quartz, marble, etc), or you can simply use a drop of dish soap to clean any grease or debris off. Again, make sure to avoid any bleach or vinegar to avoid damage as the natural stone countertops would dull if cleaned with acidic products over time. Always make sure to wipe off with a dry cloth after wiping with a wet cloth to remove any water marks (that’ll leave mineral residue) or soap residue and give the shine. Polish nicely with a microfibre cloth.

Now, for the cupboards. Wipe off any food stains or grease with microfibre cloth on the cupboards doors as well as the inside of the cupboards. Make sure to wipe every corner, crack, and cranny which may be hard to reach, but can still collect dust. You can wrap toothpicks, chopsticks, or scrapers with a microfibre cloth to reach smaller corners that’s hard to reach with your hands.

Next, your stainless steel appliances. If you see any heavy food stuck on the surface, don’t scrub it as it could scratch the surface, but gently apply water with dish soap for a short amount of time to gently remove. Then polish with stainless steel cleaner using a microfibre cloth. When wiping the stainless steel surface, make sure to follow the same direction to clean, so there are no streaks. It is important to wipe with a dry cloth after polishing to complete the final finish.

The last step, the floors. Vacuum the floor first. This will remove any loose dirt and debris that might be on the bottom. The following step is to use a tiny drop of dish soap, or floor cleaner and water in a mop pail. The soap will help break down any grease or food debris on the floor while the water will help wash it off. After this, you can do a general mop and microfibre for the corners which should remove any remaining residue from your kitchen floor.

This wraps up the tips to maintaining a spotless kitchen. Now it’s time to enjoy your shiny kitchen and embrace the family time together.

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