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Kitchen Organizing Made Easy

Ever wondered what the secret is to getting your kitchen to work for you? Unfortunately I don’t mean it will do the cooking and cleaning for you, I wish! BUT what we can do is create a plan where everything is not far from whatever task you are undertaking. But before we start I want you to take some time to think about why you want to get organized. These will be your motivators and I want you to write it down on a post it and put it somewhere so you can see it while completing your project.

Speed up working and clean up time

Get more help from family in meal prep    and clean up

Improve health by cooking at home more often

Make it easier to entertain

Stop wasting money by buying duplicate items

Did you answer yes to one or more of these reasons? Then this is your motivator to get started AND finish the project.

Are you finding it hard to get organized in your kitchen some reasons for this could be

Complex, confusing systems

More stuff than storage space

Need for abundance

Here are some easy tips and ideas on how to achieve this.

1) The first step I always take organizing any area in my home or a clients is to minimize. Like really minimize, be strict on what you truly need in your kitchen and what you are keeping. Are you keeping something just because you paid money for it, or you were planning on using it over a year ago.

2) Plan your zones:

Cooking – this space should include: spices, oils and vinegars, cooking utensils, pots and pans and any other tools you use Cleaning – Everything related to cleaning your kitchen should be in this zone, which is typically entered around the dishwasher and kitchen sink. Categories include: kitchen cleaners, under the sink items (sponges, paper towels, microfibre cloths, trash bags, dishwasher detergent) recycling bins, and trash cans. Preparation – All the items you will need to prep your food. Items might include mixing bowls, knives, cutting boards, blender, kitchen gadgets (but not too many that it takes up space) and other appliances. Specialized areas will form within this zone, like baking, hobby cooking (pasta etc) and school lunch stations. Storage – This zone would include pantry, if you don’t have a pantry designate a few cupboards or a standing cabinet in which to store food items.

Once you have your zones, list all the items you need to use in each zone and remember less is more especially if you are limited on space. You can find my basic necessities list for the kitchen here Kitchen Basic Items List. 

3) Assign a home for everything, if you have leftover items you need to purge some more. Some ways to create more space if you need it to keep your essential items are:

Install racks, hooks & shelves on the inside of a cupboard

Adjust shelving to eliminate wasted “prime real estate” space between shelves

Add open shelving for cookbooks, displays of attractive serving bowls & dishes, stemware, vases or baskets

To free up cabinet space move stemware & serving pieces only used for company or on the holidays to the dining room

Shift pantry extras to the basement or garage

This will give you a good head start on getting your kitchen organized and you will love your new space.

Here are some of my favourite kitchen organizing items:

Lazy Susans – great for spices, condiments, snacks Shelf raisers – helps you create more storage in the pantry or cupboards for cans,  spices etc Drawer dividers – for those drawers where you have lots of different items including plastic containers Rack – for organizing your pot lids and/or bakeware trays

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