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How to Create a Stress-Free Bedroom in 4 Simple Steps

After a long day, stepping into your bedroom should feel like a retreat from the world. However, it’s easy for this space to get cluttered by dirty clothes, laundry that needs folding or even work papers.

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Follow the four tips below to reframe the way you see your bedroom and ensure that this space remains your sanctuary no matter how crazy life gets.

SELECT A SOOTHING PALETTE: When reimagining your bedroom, choose a color palette that truly calms or revives you. For a tranquil vibe, go with blues or purples. If you prefer a boost of energy, greens are your best bet. A monochromatic white palette will provide a peaceful and clean environment. Bring the colors that you choose into your space through wall color, bedding or accessories, and the overall tone of your space will start to shift.

EMPLOY SMART STORAGE TO CURB CHAOS: A messy bedroom won’t make you feel at ease, no matter the color palette. Install a functional closet system, if you haven’t already, that’s designed specifically for your needs. This will make getting ready in the morning and putting away laundry much easier. Avoid bringing items such as work files, your laptop and purse into the bedroom altogether. If these items do wind up in this space, consider storing them in an easily accessible basket or bin under your bed where they are out of sight.

ADD IN SERENE ACCENTS: Soft bedding, pillows and throw blankets can add to the calming atmosphere in your bedroom. If you have the space, consider adding a cozy chair or bench next to a window to create a reading nook.

LEVERAGE LIGHTING: Lighting is another powerful component that can bring some extra peace to your space. Add a delicate light fixture to your bedroom wall or ceiling or place a small, stylish lamp on your nightstand to allow for various levels of lighting.



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