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How to Create a Showcase Closet

Imagine a closet that is much more than just a closet, but a space that beautifully displays some of your most cherished items. While the idea of creating a showcase closet may sound somewhat intimidating or out of reach, it’s actually very possible and quite simple. You’ll only need to incorporate a few basic upgrades and accessories to achieve that boutique-worthy look, according to New York City-based design consultant Carolyn Musher. After that, it’s just a matter of maintaining the order you’ve created. We spoke to Musher about designing such a space and she shared the following four key tips to transforming your closet into a place that will show off your best-loved pieces.

  1. Incorporate lighting: Ceiling lighting is important for illuminating the whole space, but you’ll want to include other types as well to really get that showcase look. Closet lighting within your shelves and lights that are strategically placed to highlight specific items will create a stunning display.

  2. Include specialized closed storage: Be sure to dedicate space for your non-showcase items that allows them to remain organized, yet out of sight. For instance, flip-flops and sneakers can be stowed in baskets, while workout clothes can be neatly folded in drawers.

  3. Keep like colors and items together: Once your closet is installed and you’re ready to put your belongings back in, how you organize your clothing can make a big aesthetic difference. Be sure to arrange your clothing by type and by hue: All short-sleeved shirts should be put together, for instance, and then hung by color within that grouping. Do the same for each category of clothing.

  4. Stay consistent with your hangers: What you hang your clothing on makes a huge difference when it comes to creating that boutique look in a closet. Be sure that all of your hangers match and your clothing is all hung facing the same direction. Also, always take the plastic off of your dry-cleaned items before putting them back into your closet

California Closets shares ideas from New York City-based design consultant Carolyn Musher



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