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How often and why should you change your furnace filters?

How often should filters be changed? As general rule you should check your filters monthly and change the filters approximately every three months to keep your furnace running at maximum efficiency. If they are especially dirty change them more often. Follow the manufactures instructions and use the furnace filter they recommend, make sure to read the owner’s manual for the care instructions.

Here are a few factors that affect the life of a filter: • Dirty ducts • House pets • Tobacco smoke • Renovations to your home (drywall dust/sawdust) • Continuous fan operation

Here are some great reasons to change your filters regularly: • Dirty air filters are the primary culprit behind system failures. A dirty or blocked filter restricts airflow through your furnace which prevents proper airflow through your whole house. After time, your furnace fan may burn out, the system may overheat or your equipment could completely fail. Changing your furnace filter regularly is vital to your system’s life span and performance. • Dirty air filters forces your furnace fan to work harder, which in turn uses up more energy. This can prematurely wear out your system and raise your utility bill. • Dirty air filters can negatively affect your indoor air quality. This can aggravate allergies, asthma and particles in the air can affect the lungs. • Dirty air filters will allow particles to pass through and build up in your system and ductwork, which can decrease the life span and lead to costly repair or replacement expenses.

Changing your furnace filters is an easy way to help reduce airborne contaminates in your home and also extend the life of your furnace!!

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