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The Impact of Design Decisions on Timing and Cost

One of the more significant factors that will affect your decision to renovate your home or not is the cost. The cost of a renovation can vary dramatically based on how much space that you plan to renovate as well as how in-depth the work is. For example, if you only plan to update the cabinetry and flooring in the kitchen, the cost will be dramatically less than if plan to strip the space down to the studs, move plumbing fixtures and more. In addition to the scope of the work, the type of materials that are used will also affect cost. For example, using wood laminate floors rather than true hardwood floors will save a tremendous amount of money. Remember that some of these factors that affect cost also affect timing. A cosmetic update on a bathroom may be completed in less than a week, but a more in-depth project may require several weeks to complete.

You can see that your total cost and the overall timeline for the project that you want to complete will be dependent on the type of work that you need done. Rather than rush out to get quotes from various subcontractors to complete different stages of the project, it is wise to reach out to one skilled contractor. When you work with a contractor who has experience with this type of project, you may benefit from his or her insight. A contractor may recommend making a small change to the design plan that can result in substantial savings overall.

If you plan to renovate your home soon, you can see that determining the type of work that you need completed is necessary before you can determine how affordable the project may be to complete. Many homeowners begin the renovation process by first establishing a budget based on the funds that they have available. They will then determine how much work they can get done with the funds available. If you are eager to get professional insight about your project, request a consultation with the pros at Alair Homes.

-ALAIR HOMES SPECIAL OFFER: First we will begin with an onsite visit to assess the project and provide a Free Estimate with space planning ideas. We are also offering 10% off the Design Stage of the project, where we work hand in hand with you to select the right products to make your home look and function the way you dreamt it would.

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