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How High Should I Hang My Art?

Do you struggle knowing how high on the wall to hang your art? Most people hang pictures too high-so here's a tip for hanging your art at the perfect height:

Always hang your art at 57" on center.

"On center" means that the middle of the artwork will always be 57" high (and of course, the hook will be higher), representing the average human eye height. This height also ensures your art is in close proximity to other items in the room such as rugs, furniture, and lighting. Many galleries and museums use this formula too.

When hanging groups of pictures, the 57" rule still applies, but think of the group as ONE picture. Arrange the pictures on the floor in the pattern you want them, and then starting with the middle picture at 57" on center, hang the rest of the pictures around it.

This technique is great for a straight forward, simple style but don't be afraid to let your creative genius shine through for larger walls where many different shapes and sizes of art are involved.


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