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Hiring a Roofing Contractor Checklist

We know choosing the right roofing contractor can be very hard and that's why we have

created this 21 question checklist to help guide you in choosing the right local roofing contractor in your area.

1) Who owns your business, and for how long have they owned it?

2) Is your company owner operated? Has the owner ever worked in the roofing industry before starting this company?

3) How long have you been in business?

4) Will you be able to provide me with references from your past clients?

5) Do you have proper licensing and certification? Insurance? Workers’ Comp? If the answer to all of this is yes, can you provide me with proof?

6)What training and experience does your roofing crew have?

7)What steps will you take to ensure the safety of my property and your workers?

8) How will you be certain that all the debris and nails are cleaned up once the job is completed?

9) Will your workers wear safety gears at all times?

10) What will you do to make sure your ladder is safe and secured during the job?

11) How will you protect my gutters?

12) The amount you provided on the estimate will that be the same price i get on my invoice?

13) What is your roofing price per square foot?

14) Will you provide me with written warranties both for your workmanship and the roofing material you will be installing?

15) Will you be installing all new flashings or will re-use the old flashings?

16) What is your policy in regards to weather inclement?

17) What is the cost of plywood should you find rotten plywood or soft roof decking?

18)How many nails will the roofer use per shingle?

19) How will the roofer leave the jobsite at the end of each day?

20) Do you have all the equipment/tools needed to complete the job?

21) And the last question on our list is one of the most important ones.

We know this can be very frightening and it's always best for you to know ahead of time before making your decision on choosing your roofing contractor. And our bonus question is,

Who will be doing the job? workers from your own company or subcontractors?

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29 de abr. de 2023

These things are not at all counted when you hire roof repair contractor like how many nails they are using or will they protect gutters because these are obvious things that are known to everyone. So, update your thoughts so that others can make use of it while hiring a roof repair company.

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