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Front Porch Refresher from Drab to Fab

A potential buyer decides if they want to even go inside your home very quickly upon seeing the outside.

There are a number of simple yet effective things a seller can do to spruce things up. The following tips will help you to make a big impact on a budget. The whole idea is to make your home look well kept and inviting.

1) Clean, it costs nothing except for time. Wipe down the front door and threshold. Sweep and hose down your entryway and porch area. If it’s messy, declutter. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong there. Start with a clean slate.

2) Paint the front door. If it’s looking dull and tired it would be worth giving it a lick of paint. Choose something complimentary to the house colors remembering the color has to appeal to the masses. If you are wanting to freshen up the door and plan to stay there then by all means be a bit more adventurous. Even giving the door a coat of paint the same color as it now will make it pop. It’ll only takes about 1 litre of paint.

3) Placing an urn or two on the porch flanking the door will brighten things up. A winter planter of greens looks so festive or summer flowers will look cheery. Fall can be a fun time to decorate with different kinds of pumpkins. Urns don’t have to be expensive and you can just change what’s in the urns depending on the season. Make sure they are proportionate to the size of the door and space. Small scale planters won’t give it much impact.

4) Hang a wreath on the door using a hanger or removable command hook.

5) If the door mat has seen better days then change it but make sure it’s wide enough. Again, scale is important.

6) The exterior light and numbers might need a look at. Perhaps they need to be changed. At the very least make sure the bulb isn’t burnt out and clean the light fixture.

7) Has the mail box seen better days? House numbers? Change them up if necessary.

8) Now let’s move to the sitting area, if space allows adding one or two chairs or even a bench with cheerful pillows is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Always remember that if your exterior of the home is looking unkept then buyers will be nervous of what they will find inside the home. These few steps will create warmth making the house look inviting.

Below is a before and after of a front entry makeover we did recently. Here we added a black mail box, door mat and a square wreath to mimic the shape of the window in the door. We put a greenery globe in the urn, given that it’s not quite spring yet we used fake greenery. In his case the house numbers were new and easy to read so we didn’t need to change those.

-Drab to Fab SPECIAL OFFER: Our special offer available to Best My Nest Members is 15% Off our signature planters ($157 vs $175 reg price). We are happy to come and make flower/greenery arrangements in your existing planters too to fit any budget.



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