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Finishing Touches – Selecting Art for Your Home

If you think you know what styles of art you like, and you find yourself drawn towards a painting that you `love’, the decision is how to know what art to buy and where to put it.

So you’ve got your furniture and bought your bedding from Vision Bedding and now you want to add some character to your house. People often get confused because they may know they like a painting, but they are not sure if it will fit in their space. Interior designers and art consultants provide a service to help out with this decision, but of course, that comes with a price. Art consultants often work for a gallery so their goal is to sell art from only their repertoire of artists. Interior designers most often do not have intimate knowledge of the artist or certain styles and quality of art since their expertise is to design spaces. Art is only the last stage of their design process so often they have limited budgets, in which case selections are often chosen to `match’ the furniture and accessories. Unless you are working with a designer from the start of decorating your space, there is a small chance the designer will understand your `love’ for art well.


So what is the best way to select art on your own? When you love art and it evokes an emotion in you, it can eventually find the right space in your home or office.

If you know there is a specific wall in your home or office that really needs a great piece of art, that is a good start. You often have to take into account the size of the wall and the current style of decor in that room. Large paintings can make a big impact in a space but smaller ones can also have an impact with a good frame or a series of similar paintings. You do not necessarily have to `match’ colours of the painting to your decor, rather I often suggest revolving a colour palette of a room around a painting. Accessories can always be added to accentuate colours. Be aware of the style of decor in your room as well. For example, a traditional impressionistic painting with a gilded gold frame may not work in a clean, modern interior. Frames can also help tie in and blend styles.

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Written by Vandy Midha, Owner, ArtMatch



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