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Don’t Forget About Your Humidifier This Heating Season!

A Humidifier is an important part of your heating system that is often overlooked and under utilized. Humidifiers can play an important role in ensuring healthy and comfortable air quality in your home. Proper humidity levels can relieve sinus problems, allergy symptoms, itchy eyes and skin and can also prevent your wood furniture and hardwood flooring from becoming too dry and splitting. As the air temperature outside decreases so does its ability to hold moisture, this is why we feel dry in the winter months. Inside our home, we can add humidity to counter the dry weather and make it more comfortable, generally we shoot to maintain levels of 30-40%.

Routine maintenance is the key to ensure long life and functionality of your humidifier. As a general rule they should be cleaned and serviced annually while always following manufactures specifications. If left neglected, humidifiers can grow bacteria that can spread throughout your home, become inefficient or even start to leak. A good rule of thumb is to have your humidifier serviced at least annually at the same time as your furnace. Blue Ribbon Plumbing Heating & Gasfitting


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