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Designing a Home Library

Books and the stories that come from books can impact readers in a number of profound ways. Whether it’s a Jane Austen classic or a contemporary novel, books have a way of igniting the imagination and challenging the reader to think beyond the boundaries of their own experiences. It is of course no surprise that many people often have relationships with their books and need a home library to house the stories that may have changed their lives, even if it’s slight.


Creating a home library should be more than just a practical exercise, but also a fun and creative endeavor. Christin and Praveen from The Booksmith have three tips on how to create the perfect home library:

1. Have comfortable lighting – Whether you prefer natural light or the warmth of a fire place, thinking about the type of light you like to read in can really help set the mood.

2. It should be a thinking space – Books can transport its readers to a new place, a different time or a completely foreign dimension. Designing a clutter-less space, free from outside distractions, that can foster this exploration is an important consideration.

3. Have fun with the space – This is so that it’s not just a place where you store books, but a space that can act as a conversation piece or a representation of things you love



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