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Declutter Your Garage In 7 Easy Steps

Has your garage turned into a junk drawer of sorts, filled with everything from holiday decorations to sporting equipment? Are you even able to fit your car in your garage anymore? If clutter has taken over your garage, it’s time to get organized, reclaim that space, and return your vehicle to its long lost home. With a little help from a family member or friend and some self-motivation, you can declutter your garage in these easy steps.

1. REMOVE ALL THE CONTENTS. Clear the driveway and start bringing everything out. Sort items into piles of trash, donate and keep. If you know you will have a lot of junk, you need to think about how you will dispose of it in advance. Arrange for donated items to be dropped off or picked up. The goal is to keep what you need and access it quickly.

2. SWEEP, VACUUM, AND WASH. When the contents are empty, sweep out the garage or use a strong vacuum like a shop vac. If you come across any sticky areas, scrub and hose them down. Wait for everything to dry before you start moving things in.

3. CREATE  ZONES. Once you’ve determined what you are keeping, sort like things together and decide where those things will be stored in your garage. Some zones may include gardening tools, sports, camping, holiday decor, car stuff, and anything else specific to your needs.

4. MAKE A STORAGE PLAN. Storage solutions are essential when organizing your garage. You will want some items out of sight, while others may be visible. Proper shelving and airtight plastic bins will provide you with storage around the perimeter of your garage, while cabinets can hide extra pantry items or things that should be out of reach for children. Pull-out shelving in garage cabinets and tool benches can make accessing these items easier.

5. UTILIZE ALL THE SPACE. Don’t forget to use the space above the garage door. A shelf in that location is perfect for holiday items that you only use once a year. Consider hanging bikes on hooks from the ceiling and tools on the wall to get them out of the walkway to the door.

6. ADD HOOKS NEAR THE DOOR. Whether you’re hanging a pet leash, backpacks, or a jacket, a few hooks by the door will always come in handy. Keep your frequently used items within reach.

7. MAINTAIN GARAGE ORGANIZATION. Once your space is organized, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Keep it going by attending to your garage regularly. Since its a high-traffic area, if you sweep and put things away weekly, it will not get out of hand.

When everything is in its place, pull your car in and enjoy the benefits of having a covered vehicle on those rainy summer afternoons! Every time you pull in and out, you will feel a sense of order knowing you can find what you need when you need it.

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