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Creating Insulating Barriers with Shades

What does it mean to have energy efficient shades?

Plummeting temperatures lead to us cranking up the heat, in turn increasing our heating bill. This is where insulated window coverings (energy efficient shades) can help!

Bare windows are like open valves; heat and light flow freely and uncontrolled, in all directions. Window coverings allow us to take advantage of natural heat, cooling, and light. They also allow us to enjoy the benefits of a reduced energy bill.

How do window coverings create an insulating barrier?

Feeling cold greatly impacts our productivity by making us restless, uncomfortable, and easily distracted. On the contrary, being too hot can cause insomnia, stress, and lethargy. Window coverings can help regulate the temperature in our home and provide us with maximum thermal comfort. Sticking with the valve analogy, when it’s colder heat escapes quite easily, causing your home’s heating system to work even harder. A person sitting next to an uncovered window radiates more heat than they receive back from the cold glass, so eventually they feel cold too. A well-insulated window not only balances the incoming heat, but also traps the heat inside the room.

How can you seasonally manage your window coverings?

COLDER MONTHS: During the day, leave your coverings open to allow direct sunlight to heat the room. But be sure to close them at night to maintain the heat inside.

WARMER MONTHS: During the day, when the sun is shining, close your coverings so that the sun’s heat cannot travel freely within your home.

Are there more benefits of insulated window coverings?

  1. “Day lighting” is how coverings receive and diffuse incoming sun rays to soften and bring them deeper into the room. This reduces glare (particularly from the bright midday rays) and the need for artificial lighting.

  2. Window coverings are also a great way to filter out harmful UV rays that can damage upholstery, carpeting, wood floors, furniture, and most importantly – your skin. Many window coverings have options for light-filtering or room darkening for light and UV control.

  3. Acoustic insulation. Some insulated window coverings can absorb up to 70% of sound! This is a fantastic option for an office, an indoor cinema, or a child’s nursery.

Energy efficient window coverings are a simple way to maximize comfort and productivity, reduce your resources, greenhouse gas emissions, and your monthly bills!


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