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Can Vinyl or Aluminum Siding Be Painted?

You can paint vinyl or aluminum siding for a much lower price than replacing it. If it is still structurally sound but the colour has faded then painting is a great option. Note: If you’re siding is still under warranty, check with the manufacturer to ensure that painting it will not void your warranty.

The first step will be to prep the surface. This is the most important step. On vinyl siding you want to remove any dirt and debris. This can be done with the pressure washer or by hand with warm soapy water. Never use sandpaper or a wire brush. On aluminum siding use a pressure washer or light rubbing with steel wool works great. If mildew is present use a water and bleach solution (3 to 1). Before painting make sure all dust, dirt, and bleach solution is removed. After the siding is dry you are ready for paint. Make sure to use a high-quality paint.

Important note: never paint vinyl siding darker than the original color. Darker colours absorb the heat from the sun more and will cause the vinyl siding to warp.

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